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5 myths about free TV you shouldn't believe

5 myths about free TV you shouldn't believe
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Have you been thinking about making a money-saving move away from cable, but still aren't sure you can watch the shows you want? Maybe you've already jumped over to Netflix or another streaming service, but you're missing your local news and sports. We have good news.

With the purchase of an HD antenna that costs less than a month of cable, you can watch high-definition over-the-air broadcasts for free. That includes local news, sports and your favorite prime-time network shows. Still, there are a lot of people who hesitate because of a few myths floating around. Today we're going to put them to rest so you can start saving while still enjoying your favorite entertainment.

1. It's hard to install

When we say "antenna," many people think of the metal monstrosities that used to be mounted on the roof. And if we say it's an "HD antenna," then it sounds both complicated to mount and complicated to hook up to your TV.

Neither of those could be further from the truth. If you grab an indoor antenna like the Komando Indoor Amplified HD Antenna we sell in the Komando Shop, setup is no problem. The antenna is light as a feather and attaches to a wall in seconds with no fuss. Everything you need is included right in the box. After all, Kim put it together. You know it's great.

Because you're reading this, you can get the Komando Indoor Amplified HD Antenna at its lowest price ever. You can get the cable and get free TV.

Buy one today for just $54.49, or buy two for $49.99 each. Hurry, these prices are only available while supplies last.  Click here for your Komando Indoor Amplified HD Antenna now at its lowest price ever!

Once your antenna arrives, the fun starts. It takes only two simple steps. Anyone can do it. And if you need help, you can call us here in Phoenix and our reps will help you out!

Just plug the coax cable into the back of your TV like a normal antenna, and hook up the power (if the antenna is amplified). The setup shouldn't take more than five minutes and then you can sit down to watch your favorite channels and shows.

2. It clutters up your window/decor

One question many people have about an indoor antenna is whether or not it's going to clutter up the walls or windows. The good news is that, in most cases, it doesn't have to be mounted in a window, so it won't spoil the view.

Also, HD antennas are actually fairly small (usually about a foot square), and as thin as a CD, meaning you can mount them in unobtrusive places, such as behind the entertainment cabinet or behind a painting. You can even lay it on a shelf.

If you get the Komando antenna, it has two sides, one white and one black, so it can match a range of wall colors, or blend into furniture. You can also paint over it.

3. You won't get your favorite channels

One of the weaknesses of over-the-air broadcasts has always been reception. If you're too far away from a channel's broadcast tower, or there's a building or hill in the way, the signal is fuzzy or you don't get it at all. In some cases that can still be true of HD broadcasts.

However, a basic indoor HD antenna has a range of 50 miles, which for most people means plenty of towers are in range. And an amplified model, like the one we sell, can pick up even very weak signals and boost them for clear viewing. See what channels you can expect to get in your area.

If there are obstructions, you can work on the antenna placement to get a better signal. The good news is that direction doesn't matter so much, so there's no shifting it "a hair to the right, and two degrees rotation" like you had with old-fashioned rabbit ears or roof antennas.

If you live in a more rural location, you can get an HD antenna with a 60-mile range that you mount on the second story or in the attic for increased range.

4. You can't record your shows

If you have cable or satellite, you probably have a cable or satellite box with a built-in digital video recorder. This lets you record your favorite shows for later on-demand viewing. You might be worried that if you cancel cable, you won't have that option anymore.

You can actually buy your own DVR unit to use with an antenna, or even cable or satellite. The benefit is that you own it, so there are no monthly payments hanging over your head. Plus, you can get one that's actually better than what your provider gives you.

We sell a great DVR in the Komando Shop that has a 1 terabyte hard drive for recording up to 160 hours of shows. It has dual tuners for recording multiple shows at once and records in full 1080p.

Connect it to the internet to get a 14-day program guide and automatic software updates. By default it requires a wired connection, but you can buy a Wi-Fi adapter so it connects to your wireless network. Learn even more about this high-quality DVR.

5. It's expensive

When you tell people that they can watch free TV with an HD antenna, they immediately think there's a catch, and the antenna must cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. We're happy to say that's not true.

You can find antennas for less, or even half, of what you spend on cable each month. And that one-time payment gives you free TV as long as broadcast TV exists. Over a year you're looking at hundreds in savings over cable, and thousands after a few years. If you're looking to save money on entertainment, there's no better way.

Don't keep paying for expensive cable when free TV is available right now. Click here to buy a Komando Indoor Amplified HD Antenna today at its lowest price ever to start saving while watching the news, sports and shows you love.

Still not convinced? Watch this video of the Komando antenna in action, including how easy it is to set up.

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