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5 eBay hot sellers that are collecting dust in your home right now

If you're in the process of moving, rearranging your house, or even just doing a little cleaning, you'll probably run into plenty of old junk just lying around. Your first instinct is to toss it in the dumpster, but there's a good reason not to. You might be able to turn it into some quick cash.

The saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" is true, and the internet makes it easy to find that other person. Today, we're going to focus on what's hot on the granddaddy of online selling: eBay.

1. Vinyl records

Do you have a vinyl record collection just sitting around gathering dust? Depending on the record or collection, you can make some serious money.

According to eBay's sold listings, A Beatles "Please Please Me" U.K. import first pressing sold on eBay last year for $6,500.

A Rolling Stone: Special Collection Issue "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" went for $4,500 and a Beethoven Choral Symphony first pressing went for $4,017.95.

Even if you don't think an album or collection is worth anything, it's still not a bad idea to post them. Just glancing down the list of high-priced albums sold, there are plenty to choose from including obscure artists and genres you wouldn't expect would sell. You never know what some collector or fan might be dying to get their hands on.

And even if your records only get you $20 to $80, that's better than the nothing you'd get if you just threw them out. Just be sure you do a little research first so you don't charge too little. You should also brush up on your eBay selling tactics to maximize your profits.

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