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Microsoft Edge vs. The Others: Which browser is faster, better and easier to use?

At Komando.com, we're always telling you about web browser bugs, and fixes. Just about all the browsers do a good job finding vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, then fix them.

Of course, you need to keep your browser up to date to get the security and performance benefits. Fortunately, every browser now grabs updates automatically and you just have to restart it for them to install. Click here to double-check that you really have the latest version of your browser.

Prior to Edge's release, users overwhelmingly felt that Firefox and Chrome were the most secure web browsers. But the reality is when you look at every nook and cranny for web browser vulnerabilities, Edge and Chrome are the two most secure browsers.

When it comes to evaluating web browsers, speed and safety are the obvious features to consider first. Thankfully, both are easy to measure. You can tell how fast or slow a browser is, and just read Happening Now every day to make sure you're up to date on security fixes.

Ultimately, choosing the browser that's right for you comes down to your user experience. In other words, is one browser nicer to look at and easier to use than another one?

Two of the most popular browsers, Chrome and Firefox, lead the pack in their look, feel and how fast they seem to run. They have easy-to-use, drop-down menus with options to print and to find add-ons.

Firefox is a little richer in its menu features, and its menu is easier to use than Chrome's. Opera is based on Chrome, so it has similar pros and cons. By comparison, Internet Explorer always felt clunky and cluttered.

Edge's user experience is much better. Everything is clean, well-labeled and more space is devoted to web pages. Of course, there are some things you'll need to get used to, like the disappearing address bar. It's hard sometimes to know where to click to get it back so you can type in a new address.

Also, a few times during testing, there were web pages that wouldn't open. Some of these required older code that was in Internet Explorer but not Edge. For those, Windows 10 does include IE 11 so you can still use them. Others that wouldn't load are the result of Edge needing a bit more tweaking, and shouldn't be a problem after updates in the near future.

In conclusion, if you can look past its couple of wobbles, speed and pages that don't open, you may find yourself longing for Edge's best features. Once you use Web Note to write on web pages and Reading List to save pages for later, you may just find yourself comparing those other browsers to your new favorite, Edge. Especially since they've added extensions, Edge is inching closer to Chrome and Firefox.

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