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Microsoft Edge vs. The Others: Which browser is faster, better and easier to use?

Microsoft implemented so many add-ons, features and security patches to Internet Explorer that the once-speedy web browser became seriously slow. With Edge, Microsoft blew away everything that wasn't essential and has been adding features back in sparingly. It's also added some features IE didn't have.

For starters, Edge's best new tool, hands down, is Web Note. Web Note lets you write on websites with a virtual pen or a yellow highlighter pen. Unlike every dried-up highlighter in your desk drawer, though, this one never runs out of ink.

If you've used Paint to draw pictures or cut and crop photos, Web Note is reminiscent of that. For example, you can use it to highlight something, like the latest headline about the new iPhone 7 release date.

Then, add a Note to say, "Did you see this?" and use the pen to sign your name. Cut and paste the story, then click on the Share button to email it to a family member or coworker who would be interested. This feature is unique to Edge.

Edge's Reading List is quite cool, too. It lets you save an interesting web page so you can go back hours or days later to read it. To jog your memory, each saved Reading List page has a helpful photo from the article and its headline, which puts it a step above bookmarks and favorites.

However, the latest version of Firefox has something similar thanks to the integrated Pocket service, and you can add other services through extensions. Chrome and Opera can add this type of convenience as well through extensions.

Edge now has extensions as well, including add-ons created by Pinterest and Amazon.

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