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9 Amazon perks you're probably not using

7. Order food and household items

Amazon has a really unusual and potentially fantastic perk. It's not totally free, but for just $5.99 per box, you can get a box with up to 45 pounds of groceries delivered to your front door.

First, go to Amazon Pantry, order and pay for groceries and household items. For now, its selection is pretty thin, and some items are prohibitively expensive. But, here's the perk, Prime members get access to a wider array of products than non-members.

Amazon also has a subscription service for parents, grandparents and caregivers. For $99 a year, its Amazon Family is essentially Amazon Prime, with a few extras, such as diapers.

They're expensive and, as you know, with a new baby you'll need a never-ending supply of them. Amazon Family parents get a discount up to 20 percent off regular prices for diapers, with a monthly subscription. That subscription means diapers will show up at your door when you need them.

Plus, if there's a baby on the way, you can put together a wish list of all the supplies you'll need. Add those products to Amazon Family's Baby Registry, and many of them will be discounted 15 percent until the baby arrives.

8. Get 20 percent off video games

Here's a great perk for Amazon Prime members - a 20 percent discount on video game pre-orders and new releases.

Amazon's new release window is the first two weeks after a game's launch and the discount is applicable to all physical copies of a game, including special editions, but it doesn't apply to console game bundles.

If you're an avid video gamer, this Amazon Prime perk is definitely worth shooting for.

9. Have restaurant meals delivered to your door

Just when you thought DoorDash was a wild innovation, Amazon created its own dining delivery service. It's very simple to use, just visit Amazon Restaurants and order a multi-course meal.

Once you place an order, both the restaurant and delivery person are immediately notified. The restaurant accepts the order and prepares the food.

Amazon picks up the order at the restaurant and packs it in an insulated bag to keep it fresh and warm. Granted, you have to live in a city where Amazon Prime Now already exists, but if you do, you’re guaranteed to receive your steaming entrée within an hour!

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