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3 Windows 10 privacy settings you need to change

What to know before installing Windows 10

If you haven't installed Windows 10 yet, there's something you need to know.

When you install Windows 10, you can choose the "easy" installation or a custom installation. The easy install will give you the default, not-so-private privacy settings.

You'll definitely want to choose the custom install option. This lets you turn off location tracking, Wi-Fi sharing, advertiser information collection and more right from the start.

During installation, Windows will also ask you to create a new Windows Account or sign in with an existing one. Linking a Windows Account with Windows 10 lets you have easy access to OneDrive for storing files in the cloud, syncs up with Bing for better searches and it backs up your settings in case you need to reinstall Windows. However, it also sends a lot of information back to Microsoft.

If you want, you can choose the link to install Windows using a local account. This will keep Windows from sharing as much with Microsoft, but you will have to give up some of the cloud-based features.

If you've already installed Windows 10 and want to adjust your account, go to Start >> Settings and choose Accounts. You can create a new local account and remove your Windows Account from Windows.

Of course, if you already installed Windows 10, or it came pre-installed on your computer, you'll want to tweak the other default privacy settings as well. Let's look at where those are located.

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