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Cyberattack: A big one is coming, prepare now

Since we're talking about hackers taking down the power grid and other electronics, the way you protect yourself isn't actually very high-tech. In fact, you're going to be better off going low-tech.

Be sure you have an advance plan set up with family so everyone knows what to do if you can't communicate. Designate a safe spot for everyone to go as soon as news of this or any disaster hits. Write it down, along with other emergency tips for younger children or grandchildren, or anyone else who needs it.

If cellphones go down, you'll need a way to communicate. Pack a set of two-way radios or walkie-talkies into your emergency kit and prearrange a primary channel and a backup in case your main channel gets clogged. Make sure everyone in your family, and even friends, know what channels to use.

For long-distance communication, you might think about keeping a landline and a phone that doesn't rely on power. Landlines tend to be fairly bulletproof in disasters. Here are some more reasons to keep a landline.

Of course, you'll want to stockpile standards like canned food, water, spare batteries and first aid items. Your home emergency kit should be enough to get you through at least 30 days. You should also have a portable emergency kit, like this one in the Komando Shop, you can take with you if you have to relocate in a hurry.

Make sure you have important documents, like your passport, and some cash since credit and debit cards might not work for a while. If you have important documents saved as digital files on your computer, print them out and store them in a safe location. You might not be able to get to them in a crisis.

You'll want to keep up with what's going on, and radio is the most likely thing to be working. Most radio stations have backup generators, and there are thousands of private operators who will be broadcasting as well.

Keeping a basic radio handy is good, but you can also grab an emergency radio that includes a hand crank, solar charger, and the ability to charge other gadgets. There's a good one in the Komando Shop.

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