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How to print from your smartphone

Once you have everything ready to go, it's time to print. Connect your printer to the network and make sure your gadget is also on the same network.

Use Apple AirPrint

To use AirPrint, open an app and select the document or photo you want to print. Then, tap the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen.

This will bring up another menu, where you will select the print icon. Next, you select your printer (you should see your AirPrint-compatible printer automatically) and the number of copies. Then let the printer go to town.

Using Google Cloud Print

To use Google Cloud Print, the printer needs to be connected to the network. If it's a "Cloud Ready" printer it will register itself with Google's Cloud Print service automatically. You can also follow Google's instructions for setting up compatible printers.

Then grab the Google Cloud Print app from the Play Store. There are a number of apps and programs that work with Cloud Print, and they have varying features, but this is the official Google one.

Once it's installed, tap to enable it and will find any networks on your printer automatically. If you have any printers linked to your Google account, you can print to those as well over the internet.

Open the Android app and then the file you want to print. In Android 4.4 and higher, tap the Options icon (it looks like three vertical dots) and select Print. Choose your printer and you're done. You can also choose to "print" the file to your Google Drive.

For Android 4.3 and earlier, open the Android app and tap the Share icon (it looks like a sideways pyramid) and select Google Cloud Print.

Using a third-party app

Third-party apps are going to work a little differently. Some of them have you select the file you want to print from inside the third-party app. Others let you use the "Share" button in an app to send the file to the printer. Check the instructions for your third-party app of choice to find out exactly how it works.

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