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5 iOS 9 great new features you’ll love

5 iOS 9 great new features you’ll love
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If you've been using Apple iOS for your iPhone and iPad for years, the release of an all-new operating system is a pretty big deal. It can give your Apple gear exciting new features or change others that you are accustomed to using. So when Apple announced the rollout of its newest mobile operating system, iOS 9, it got our attention.

iOS 9 premiers a whole new way to get your news, a better way to manage your mobile payments and is jam-packed with a bunch of new software, programs and apps that will make your day-to-day iPhone or iPad use even better. In today's Apple Tip, we'll dig into iOS 9 to see what makes it tick. Here are the top five features that will have the biggest impact on your day-to-day use.

1. Get the news without having to look for it

The Newsstand app is history. Apple released the remodeled version of Newsstand, simply called News, with iOS 9 and it's a nice upgrade. Now the app can bring you a collection of news stories that you actually want to spend your time reading.

Similar to what Android does with Google Now, Apple's News observes your reading habits to build a profile of your interests and favorites. Based on your profile, it scours the Web to search out stories and angles you never knew existed with no effort from you. News then offers you a selection of articles that would potentially interest you. From entertainment news about your favorite celebrity, breakthroughs in your line of work or local news from your long-ago childhood home, this great app brings you the stories that pique your interests.

Apple promises that the information News collects won't be used for data-mining and advertisement purposes so you can remain confident your information isn't being given out to those who shouldn't have it.

Apple – iOS 9

Not only are the stories interesting with News, but Apple worked with the most popular news outlets to give you the most beautiful, visually appealing editorial layouts out on any screen today. You will enjoy your stories the way they were meant to be read.

If News' choices for you still don't satisfy your news appetite, you can also browse the countless number of topics from the top news organizations like Fox, CNN and NPR. You can favorite the topics you want to view the most. You'll never run out of articles to read when you update your iPhone and iPad to iOS 9.

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