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Score cheap flights with these three tricks

3. Days to buy vs. days to fly

Talk to any group of travel experts about the best day to buy a ticket and you'll get a few answers. Tuesday used to be the conventional wisdom, but new research shows that buying on weekends will save you the most. Learn more about choosing the best day to fly.

More important than the day, you want to buy at least six to eight weeks in advance of your trip. Prices do go up as you get closer to the flight. Mostly.

If you want to do a last-minute winter vacation, you can also find great deals as long as you're traveling somewhere not many people are going. Airlines will discount tickets just before the flight to try and fill it up.

Another important factor is saving on a ticket the day you fly. Flying on the weekends or on holidays is a sure way to overpay. After all, that's when everyone else is flying.

Taking off mid-week when fewer people are traveling is going to net you substantial savings. Wednesday is best, followed by Thursday and Tuesday. Flying really early in the day can also knock off a few bucks.

Plus, flying during non-peak days and hours means less craziness with lines and crowds at the airport. Save money and breeze through the security line? Yes, please.

What are your favorite tricks for saving money on airline tickets? Let me know in the comments.

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