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Score cheap flights with these three tricks

1. Direct booking

Recently on Komando.com, we ran a Tip that told you how to save money on hotels by booking directly instead of through third-party sites. Naturally, that raises the question of whether or not the same trick works for airline tickets

And the answer is "yes, sort of." There are times when buying a ticket directly from the airline's site can save you money, but not always. It depends on what cities you're flying to and from, and the travel date. I'll talk about those two factors more in a second.

First, fire up Priceline, Kayak or your favorite comparison site. You can also use Google Flights, which isn't a booking site and pulls ticket prices directly from the airlines, in addition to giving you some impressive tools for finding the perfect flight.

Run a search on your trip and note the least expensive airline and the price. Then go to the airline's website and see if it shows that price or something less expensive.

The good news is that buying directly from the airline won't be more expensive than what you'll find on a comparison site. So if you have a favorite carrier, you can book through it directly and not worry you're missing out on savings.

While you're comparing, be sure to check the sites for Southwest and Delta. Those don't usually show up on flight comparison sites and might have cheaper options.

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