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The one way to know your iPad or iPhone has a virus

How do you know if your iPhone or iPad is infected?

Let's break this question down into two parts. What have you done with your Apple gadget, and what, if any, symptoms does it have?

First, is your gadget jailbroken? Jailbroken gear bypass Apple's tight security, exposing your gadget to whatever hackers think of next - and you probably won't have to be a Hong Kong protester to get hit. My personal preference is to not jailbreak my Apple gadgets, but if you choose otherwise, be extra careful out there!

Note: If you want to restore a jailbroken gadget back to Apple settings, here's my tip with the step-by-step instructions you'll need.

Next, does your phone have any symptoms of an infection? Here are some symptoms you could see if your gadget is infected with a virus:

  • Data usage - One thing you will notice if your gadget is infected with a virus is a large increase in data usage. A virus can eat away at data so you should compare the last few monthly statements from your cellphone provider. If you notice a huge spike in data usage, there's a good chance your gadget is infected.
  • Crashing apps - If you have a virus on your gadget, most likely apps will no longer function properly. They will crash continually while you try using them.
  • Pop-ups - While surfing online with the Safari browser, you might see pop-up ads all over the place. This could be the result of an infected gadget.

Please know that a quirky app is not a sure sign of a malware infection. But if you have run apps from third-party app stores or risky websites, and they have not functioned as expected, then I recommend you err on the side of caution.

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