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The one way to know your iPad or iPhone has a virus

As iPads and iPhones have gotten more sophisticated, most users have been pretty confident that their information is secure.

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But that confidence bubble keeps bursting as we hear more and more cleverly designed malware targeting iPhones and iPads. All of which would be pretty handy for a government trying to crack down on pesky protesters.

Just last year, a major security hole was found that could allow an attacker to take control of an iPhone with just a single text.

This threat, named "Trident" by security firm Lookout and internet watchdog Citizen Lab, can reportedly turn any iPhone into an espionage tool by installing sophisticated spyware.

This exploit chain was uncovered when UAE human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor's iPhone was targeted with texts containing malicious links. Thankfully, instead of clicking the links, Mansoor forwarded the messages to Citizen Lab researchers.

According to the security researchers, once an iPhone is infected, attackers could turn the device into a "digital spy." The attackers could then use the iPhone's camera and microphone to "snoop on activity in the vicinity of the device," record calls, log messages and texts, and track movement.

The bug was already patched by Apple, but this attack illustrates how a simple message can be used to steal valuable information from iOS users, in this case, sensitive data from an activist.

But if you are unknowingly tricked into installing malware, and you are completely unaware that it is stealing your personal information, how can you tell if your gadget is infected?

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