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How to turn your webcam into a surveillance cam

When one webcam just won't cover it

Aside from the obvious option of using more than one webcam, you may come to the realization that your home or business really should have a dedicated surveillance camera or system in place. Are there too many points of entry to cover with one camera? Do you have too many valuables stored, which warrants the expense of extra protection? Could you benefit from the visible presence of an outdoor camera to deter would-be menaces?

If any or all of the above scenarios touch a nerve, then perhaps a more sophisticated system is just what the doctor ordered. Multi-cam surveillance systems often come with weather-proof and night vision cameras so you can monitor your home inside and out.

To take your home security a step further, consider getting a dedicated system like SimpliSafe. You can build your own customized home alarm kit and even integrate SimpliSafe's camera add-on for home surveillance from anywhere.

If you are a Kim Komando Show listener, create your own SimpliSafe home security kit now and get 10 percent off your order!

You may think full webcam surveillance is too much for a home, but I assure you it's worth it.  And on the plus side of all this, you may wind up with some really good footage of falls, fails and other funny moments.

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