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Do you need a laptop or a tablet?

Do you need a laptop or a tablet?
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There's an interesting trend in the digital world that has computer manufacturers in a frenzy: People aren't buying as many new computers.

We're not just talking about people hanging on to their machines for seven years or so. Even people who are in the market for a new computer aren't necessarily buying computers.

Some of are buying Macs, but even more people are ditching their computers for tablets. It makes sense, as tablets are now more than powerful enough for web browsing, video chat, watching videos, reading eBooks, checking Facebook, writing emails, casual gaming and plenty more.

Plus, they're much more portable than a laptop and have better battery life if you decide to take one on a trip. And, they're usually cheaper than a full computer. Of course, the computer isn't quite done yet, and a lot of people will still choose to buy them for good reasons.

So, which one should you buy? We're going to take a look at some things to think about when you're deciding between a tablet and a computer.

The best option

Before we get too far, however, there's a new option for you to consider. If you want something the size of a tablet but still want Windows, the Windows tablets on market are now very good, from the excellent Microsoft Surface to our brand new, powerful-yet-inexpensive Komando 2-in-1 PC Entertainment and Productivity System. It's a laptop. It's a tablet. It's both!

This multi-functional device is fast, sleek, has a crisp 11.6-inch screen, 32GB of usable storage (expandable to 128 GB microSD card) and runs the full version of Windows 10 like butter.

Kim custom designed this versatile Windows PC to have all the features you need without the headache of learning something new.

With the Komando 2-in-1, you can stay connected with your email no matter who your provider is; use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and all your favorite social media sites, watch TV shows and movies on the go, stream radio stations or shows whenever you want, edit and store photos and videos, access more than 20,000 apps, play your favorite games and more!

Unlike many other tablets, the Komando 2-in-1 has enough power to perform every task without getting sluggish. That's because it comes with 4 GB of RAM and plenty of built-in storage. You're also going to love the multipoint touch screen, built-in mic and Bluetooth functionality!

Everything you need is included in the box. You'll get your new Komando 2-in-1 PC Entertainment and Productivity System, a pair of headphones with microphone, a USB cable and power adapter.

Obviously, we're very proud of this powerful device, and we really hope you like it. In fact, Kim is so excited about the launch of this new product, she's even throwing in a free gift. If you order now, you'll also get a Ring Grip & Stand for your smartphone! With this handy accessory, you'll never lose track of your smartphone again, and you'll always have the best angle to view your screen.

What are you waiting for? It's your perfect chance to enjoy all the features you need in a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet! Get your very own Komando 2-in-1 PC Entertainment and Productivity System to fit the way you work and play. It's only $299.95 while supplies last. Click here to get it today!

OK, let's continue on with looking at the differences between computers and tablets.

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