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5 best-kept travel secrets everyone should know

5 best-kept travel secrets everyone should know
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Don’t let the summer travel season stress you out. Have you ever seen other travelers who zip through airport security without a care in the world?

They’re most likely frequent travelers who know all the tricks to avoid long lines and stressful situations. Unfortunately, if you’re not a frequent traveler, there are numerous situations that can turn your idyllic summer into a nightmare.

At Komando.com, we love to travel. We’re sharing five tips to help you de-stress, so you can truly relax and enjoy your vacation.

These tips include an easy way to find inexpensive flights. But they go beyond that. After all, your summer vacation also includes eating, filling up your gas tank and a lot more.

Bonus: Find out which travel sites and apps that Komando.com readers recommend. Then let them know which ones you use.

1. Easy itinerary

Once you land at your destination, how do you organize your vacation days? Do you take a sheet of paper and write everything down?

That’s effective but out of date. It’s easy to understand why we all do that, though. You don’t want to forget to visit a must-see tourist spot. You don’t want to forget dinner reservations you’ve made or a festival in a nearby town.

There are more important things on your itinerary, too. Have you ever missed a train that’s taking you to the airport? Have you forgotten to return your rental car in time? That’ll cost you.

Good news. The TripIt app works with your Gmail, Google Calendar (and other calendars) to create your all-in-one itinerary.

The best part is that it’s super easy to use. Just forward your emails to TripIt and it automatically puts your itinerary together. When your flight confirmation comes in, forward that to TripIt. When your dinner reservation email arrives, forward that. And so on.

Tip in a Tip: Drop Everything! Google Trips is a must-have download.

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