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5 ways to take control of iOS autocorrect

4. Text replacement

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can program your phone to replace one phrase with another. These shortcuts can be very handy and save you a lot of typing time.

Here’s a typical example: You want to say “on my way,” but instead you type “OMW.” With one little trick, your phone can automatically turn “OMW” into “One my way.” Or you could turn “BRB” into “Be right back,” or “1234” into “Four Score and Seven Years Ago.” Anything you feel like.

Here’s what you do: Go to Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Text Replacement >> Tap the + sign. Here, you add the complete sentence to the Phrase field, in this case, “On my way.” In the Shortcut field, you put “OMW.”

But there’s also the flip side: If leave the Shortcut field blank, then autocorrect will stop trying to correct the spelling of that word or phrase. From now on, you can type that word and autocorrect should theoretically ignore it.


5. Turn off predictive text

As you type, you’ll notice words popping up between the keyboard and the text. This feature is called “predictive text,” because your phone is trying to guess the next word you want to type. Because your phone learns from your vocabulary, predictive text should become more accurate as time goes on.

But the opposite is also true: When you make mistakes, predictive text starts guessing incorrectly, because it is using incorrect data to anticipate your word-choice.  One nice thing about predictive text is that you can easily toggle while typing to turn it on and off.

Here’s how you do it: Open the Messenger app, press and hold the keyboard button (where you enable your emojis) and toggle on (or off) the “Predictive” option.

Alternatively, in iOS 10, got to Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> then toggle the “Predictive” option to Off.


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