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5 ways to take control of iOS autocorrect

2. Reset your keyboard dictionary

Deep inside your phone, there is a tiny dictionary. This verbal database determines whether your words are spelled correctly, and everything you type is checked against this list. But the more you use your phone, the more you may accidentally save words to the dictionary that aren’t correct. Over time, these misspellings can add up, meaning more frustration for you.

Luckily, you can essentially “reboot” your keyboard’s dictionary. Just go to Settings >> General >> Reset, then Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Once you’ve done this, your dictionary is a clean slate, the same as when you first bought your phone. Now you can begin “training” your autocorrect to respond to your preferences, and all of those misspelled words will have magically been erased.

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3. Train autocorrect as you go

When you misspell a word in iOS, autocorrect usually jumps in with the correct spelling. It can also fill in words it recognizes before you fully type them. Just hit the spacebar or tap your finger on the word to accept the autocorrect suggestion.

But this can also be frustrating. You’ve probably done this a thousand times: iOS guesses the wrong word, over and over. By the time you’ve typed the full word “marginal,” iOS has already guessed “My,” “Maybe,” “Man,” “Mary,” “Maria,” “Math,” “Marge,” “Margi,” “Margo,” “Margin,” “Margins,” “Marginally,” and “Marginalized.” If you hit one of these guesses by accident, you have to delete letters and go back.

Meanwhile, iOS may think it’s guessing correctly, especially if you accidentally press the spacebar. This will cause autocorrect to learn from a mistake, which could cause problems later on.

To counter this, start typing your word, and when autocorrect guesses the wrong word, tap the X in the autocorrect bubble and override the suggestion. This slows you down a little at first, but iOS will learn your preferences very quickly and will stop suggesting it.

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