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Remove unwanted toolbars from any browser

1. Hunting down an unwanted toolbar

After you've opened your Web browser of choice, you'll have to navigate to your browser's add-on page. Once you're there, go to the next page for what to do there.

Don't see your browser on this list or the instructions don't match up to what you have? Time to upgrade. Click here to find the right browser for you.

Internet Explorer

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select "Manage add-ons."

ie add on

You'll end up at the Toolbars and Extensions screen. Read on to learn what to delete.

explorer addons

Mozilla Firefox

You can find Firefox's option menu by clicking on the 3 bars located to the far right of your browser.

Then click the add-ons button to navigate to the add-ons page.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 5.03.23 PM

Then click Extensions to see what's installed. Some toolbars also end up under Plugins.

firefox add ons

Google Chrome

Click the three lines to see Chrome's option screen. Then mouse over the "tools" icon and click the "extensions" button.

chrome options

That should've brought you to a page that looks like the one below. Click the Extensions link to see what's installed.

chrome extensions page

Apple Safari

Click the Safari drag-down menu and select the preferences option.

safari options

Now click the "extensions" tab and your screen should look something like this.

safari extensions

OK, we found your add-on page.

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