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Keep criminals off your Wi-Fi with ease

Turn on encryption

Once you're logged in, it's time to secure your network with encryption. Turning on encryption means no one can log into your network without the password.

Every router has a different menu layout, but you should be able to find encryption under the "Wireless" or "Security" menu.

You'll have a number of encryption options, but you want to select one that starts with "WPA2."

"WPA2-PSK AES" is the newest and most secure. If you have older Wi-Fi gadgets, you might have to select the hybrid option "WPA2-PSK AES + WPA-PSK TKIP" to get them working.

If the only encryption options your router has are WEP or WPA, tell your router to check for a firmware update. Look in your manual for the instructions.

If there's no firmware update or your router updates but you're still stuck with WPA or WEP, it's time to buy a new router. These encryption methods are too unsafe to use.

Learn what features you need in a new router with my router buying guide.

To finish setting up your encryption, you'll need to put in a password. Make sure this is different from your router's login password. The longer you can make this password, the safer your network will be. Click here to learn how to make strong passwords.

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