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Keep criminals off your Wi-Fi with ease

Thinking ahead: You will want to print out this Tip. Turning on your router's encryption will knock your gadgets offline temporarily. I'd hate for you to get stuck without the next step! To print, click the View All button and then print normally from your browser.

Log in to your router

Every router has the same general steps for logging in. However, each one uses slightly different information to do it. You'll want to have your router's manual on hand to find out its specifics.

Handy hint: If you don't have your manual anymore, you can check your manufacturer's site. Or visit this site that has thousands of manuals you can download.

To start, open your web browser and type in your router's IP address. It varies by router, so you'll need to find that in the manual. For many Netgear routers, for example, it's

A box will pop up asking for your username and password, which you'll also find in the manual.

Security alert: If you're still using the router's default password, you need to change that immediately. Any hacker worth their salt knows the default passwords for all the major routers.

If you changed your router password in the past and can't remember it, you'll need to check your manual for instructions on resetting your router to its factory settings.

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