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YouTube just got a massive update – Here’s what’s new

Did you know that YouTube has been around for 12 years? The video sharing site has over a billion users that watch hundreds of millions of hours of video. It’s the home of the viral video and several of today’s biggest entertainers were “YouTube famous” first.

To keep things fresh and new, YouTube decided the desktop site layout could use a makeover. According to their site, the new design is supposed to be clean and “built for the future.”

YouTube said the key principles of their new design are simplicity, consistency and beauty. Their intent was to get rid of distracting visuals, provide a more user-friendly experience, and make the layout more similar to other Google platforms.

Here’s the old design:

Here’s the new layout. The changes are pretty subtle. The side panel menu includes more settings and fewer suggestions. The home page also has an endless scrolling feature: instead of reaching the bottom of the page, YouTube will keep recommending videos and channels. The “Subscribe” button for channels is more prominent.

But what’s exciting is the new black screen! It’s called “Dark Theme” and YouTube said it will “cut down on glare and let you take in the true colors of the videos you watch.” This feature is an option in your account drop down menu.

YouTube said Dark Theme is only the beginning and more “powerful features” are still to come. Some users can view a preview and switch their account over to the new design. If you don’t like it, you can easily switch back and provide a reason why you prefer the old layout. Once they receive enough feedback and make some tweaks, the new design will be available for everyone.

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