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The best deals on Amazon you don’t want to miss

Prime Day is almost here and the upcoming deals are already threatening to break the internet! With Amazon extending sale hours from 24 to 48 hours, Prime members will have plenty of time to browse for the latest in gadgets, media devices, and smart home accessories!

Because Amazon is such a massive place, newcomers and veterans alike might find themselves somewhat lost on Amazon’s first ever two-day shopping event. That’s why we’ve handpicked some of the best choices on the Amazon marketplace for great deals on cutting-edge tech.

Get ready to fill up your wish list with these awesome Amazon deals for Prime Day and beyond!

For improving your Wi-Fi

Extend your network — both inside and outside your home — with this router/extender combo pack from eero.

Wi-Fi extenders are a great way to strengthen the quality of your network. They piggyback off your existing connection and spread the signal even further — which can help you get internet in places you wouldn’t be able to ordinarily, like the backyard or basement.

This starter pack comes with both a new router and a wireless extender that can speed up and stretch out your Wi-Fi across your home. Best of all, both products included come from the same manufacturer, meaning synergy between them both across the board.

For the kitchen

This one made me go “ooooh” out loud — a cast-iron oval 7-quart casserole from Cuisinart.

Master chefs have long praised the power of cast iron cookware. The material is better at retaining heat and evenly spreads it throughout the dish you’re cooking. Now, you can get the power of cast iron in a sleek, modern casserole dish that’s perfect for your culinary creations. Plus, its compatible with all types of stoves and dishwasher safe!

For cutting the cord

Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote plus two months of free HBO with automatic renewal.

If you don’t have a smart TV or streaming device, you can’t go wrong with the Fire TV Stick. Not only do you get access to Amazon’s insanely large library of streaming content, but the device also acts as an independent streaming media player for a variety of sources and services.

You can download Netflix, Hulu, and premium cable platforms like HBONow and Starz. You also get a cool voice-activated remote that includes Alexa, so you can access everything you want just by asking!

Fire TV Recast, a DVR for watching TV at home or on the go.

This handy device is perfect for capturing your favorite shows that you might have missed. Once you set it up with a compatible Fire TV device (like the Fire TV Stick above), you now have access to stream and record TV to devices throughout your home. You can even plug an over-the-air antenna into your setup to capture live TV free of charge!

For educating your home (get it? Smart home?)

Ring video doorbell plus an Echo Dot.

If you’re looking to jump on the smart home bandwagon, the Echo Dot is the best place to start. It’s Amazon’s entry-level item for installing Alexa in your home, but to sweeten the deal, this package includes a Ring video doorbell as well!

Now, you can check out who’s on your porch when there’s a knock on the door, as well as wirelessly survey your home when you aren’t around. It’s a great way to start preparing your home for future technology.

Turn any Bluetooth speaker into an Alexa-powered device with the Echo Input.

Of course, some of us might already have a Bluetooth speaker and feel like the Echo Dot is an unnecessary add-on. But Amazon is nothing if not forward thinking, and they’ve resourcefully developed a product for consumers who are already equipped with the proper audio setup.

The Echo Input allows you to instantly configure your wireless speakers to be Alexa compatible — with no other devices required! Simply connect the Echo Input, set it up with the app, and you’re ready to go. Best of all, it costs a fraction of what the other entry level Echo products cost.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more great finds as they come, so make sure to keep checking for the latest updates on Amazon’s biggest Prime Day ever!

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