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Your smartphone is disgusting … yes YOURS!

Most everyone loves their smartphone. So much so that it goes pretty much everywhere we do, every minute of our lives.

Many people even sleep with it sitting on the nightstand next to the bed, charging it overnight. It’s usually the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we see at night. That’s true love!

But with this much extensive usage, problems can arise. And we’re talking about some seriously gross problems.

Do you care for your smartphone properly?

Well, this is just disturbing. A recent study by Insurance2go, found that most people’s smartphone is more germ infested than the average toilet seat and flush handle.

The main reason gadgets are so disgusting is the fact that they are not being cleaned regularly. They’re constantly in use, but people don’t think to take the time to wipe them down, not even once in a while.

During the study, only one in 20 people said they clean their phones every 6 months. While more than a third have never actually cleaned them with cleaning liquids or wipes.

Researchers tested the phones of people taking part in the study. Their findings are unbelievable. Bacteria, mold and yeast were prevalent on most devices.

The study proved gadgets are breeding grounds for germs. In fact, most of the phones tested had about 10 times the amount of germs found on a typical toilet seat and handle.

One doctor weighed in on the situation and said this can lead to health problems. Skin contamination, problems like acne, and common colds to name a few.

Dr. Shirin Lakhani told The Mirror, “Skin friction, heat and pressure all contribute to skin problems caused by smartphones. The pressure against the oil glands in the skin triggers them to produce more oil, then concentrations of microscopic bacteria from your phone’s screen mixed with oil and makeup from the skin, along with heat from the phone, breeds more bacteria. That can clog pores and often results in inflammation and acne.”

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