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Your insurance company has a high-tech way to tell if you’re skipping your medicine

If you ever read George Orwell’s popular novel “1984,” you know all about Big Brother. The storyline was a futuristic look at how the world would one day become a place where your every move was being watched, and the idea of privacy was completely lost.

While we haven’t totally fulfilled that prophecy, you know some of those fears have come true — especially online. Unless you take steps to stop it from happening, everything you do online is being tracked. Tap or click here for six ways to stop being followed online.

Now one medical insurance company wants to watch its members to see if they’re skipping medications. But is this a good or bad thing? We’ll explain what’s happening and let you decide.

You’re not just being tracked online

When it comes to being tracked online, advertisers and sites like Google are the big culprits. But social media sites like Facebook also keep track of what you’re up to. Tap or click here to learn about Facebook’s shocking ways it tracks your photos.

Having your shopping habits and internet browsing tracked online is only the beginning. Health insurance company Cigna now wants to keep an eye on patients to make sure they are taking their medications.

It is starting a new program next month using a tool called Health Connect 360. The tool was created by a pharmacy benefits managing company that recently merged with Cigna called Express Scripts.

Health Connect 360 uses artificial intelligence to analyze data collected from digital health devices, like glucose monitors worn by patients with diabetes. The system was designed to help the treatment of chronic diseases.

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What information will be tracked, you ask? Medical, pharmacy, lab and biometric data will be aggregated into a dashboard that can be accessed online. Patients, Express Scripts case managers, physicians and nurses will all be able to see this information.

The point of the new system is to see how patients are responding to medications they are prescribed and to make sure they are taking them. If the meds aren’t working the way they are supposed to, a doctor can adjust the dosage to try and make it more effective.

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The new system could also help reduce costs by better managing patients.

It’s estimated that more than 36% of patients with diabetes are “non-adherent” to their medications. According to Express Scripts, roughly $2,500 is saved on health care costs for every diabetic patient who takes their medications as they are prescribed.

What do you think? Would you sign up for a program like this if saving money on health insurance was an option? You will be able to opt in to Health Connect 360 if you’re a Cigna customer early next year. It might be worth looking in to just to see if it helps you save money.

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