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Google Maps Real-Time Location Sharing Unveiled |

You’ll definitely want to use Google’s new location sharing

Google Maps has been pretty busy lately. A couple days ago I told you about a new feature that can help you remember where you parked your car. You can even set a timer so that you make it back before a meter runs out.

They recently announced another new feature. This one allows you to share your location in real-time with your friends and family. In the next few weeks, the feature will be available all over the world.

Once the feature is available, you would open Google Maps and tap the blue dot that represents your location. A menu of options will pop up, including “Share My Location.” Select that, and new options will appear that let you choose who to share your location with and for how long.

Apple maps and Google Maps already allow their respective users to share their location. The difference here is that it’s in real time instead of one static location. If you change locations, whoever you’ve given access to can see where you’ve moved to. It basically equips all phones with an up-to-the-moment tracking device.

This feature can be very convenient for helping people meet up or finding someone who is lost. Plus, if you take care of children or elderly people who own a smartphone then it would you help you keep track of their whereabouts. There’s even a “Share Trip” option that gives you someone’s estimated time of arrival.

Watch this video for a demonstration.

(If you’re reading this article on the app, click here to watch the video.)

Sharing your location is completely optional and easy to switch off. And if someone is trying to share their location with you, you can block it if you’re not interested. If you choose to share your location with someone indefinitely, Google will email you from time to time to remind you that that person always knows where you are.

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