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You won’t believe which wireless carrier has the fastest network in the U.S.

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With the impending rollout of the super-fast 5G network, mobile carriers have already begun working to improve their networks. (Note: Here are some important facts about 5G that you should know.)

Companies like Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T have been implementing new technology and expanding their footprints in order to speed things up. Which is great news for consumers.

Since we spend so much time staring at our mobile devices these days, we will definitely welcome an upgrade to speeds.

These network upgrades have turned the landscape for mobile carriers upside down. You might be surprised to find out which carrier now has the fastest network in the U.S.

Which wireless carrier has the fastest download speed?

Ookla, the company behind the popular, recently conducted a test comparing network speeds for Q1 of 2019. There appears to be a new champion when it comes to mobile downloads.

AT&T topped the list of the four biggest U.S. mobile carriers for average download speeds. It had an average download speed of 40.7 Mbps.

T-Mobile came in second at 35.4 Mbps, Sprint was third at 34.9 Mbps. Which means, yep, Verizon came in last at 33.3 Mbps.

(Image source: PR Newswire)

Ookla said that AT&T was able to improve its speeds by over 15% over the first 3 months of the year. The other big three companies seemed to plateau.

AT&T immediately took a victory lap after finding out the results of the latest speed tests. It put out a press release that said the following:

“We are thrilled Ookla has confirmed that we are the fastest wireless network nationwide. This is further proof that our wireless network strategy and build are benefiting our customers in ways that other carriers cannot match.”

This might be shocking news, especially for Verizon customers. It is the mobile provider with the most subscribers, after all. But, as we said earlier, 5G is coming and could completely shuffle who’s on top when it’s all said and done.

By the way, maybe coincidentally, Verizon announced that it’s turned on 5G in two markets – Chicago and Minneapolis. There’s only one phone that will be able to take advantage of it right now, Motorola’s Moto Z3. With a $200 5G mod attachment, the phone will be able to connect to the 5G network.

The Galaxy S10 will have 5G when it comes out later this quarter, and LG will follow soon thereafter.

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