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You won’t believe tech company’s 1967 incredible predictions of the internet and sexist women’s roles

What kind of technology do you think we will have in 40 years? A crazy question, right? It is hard enough to imagine what new breakthroughs we will have in the next five years, let alone trying to guess what the world will be like in 2057.

The world was a much different place in the 1960s, it is hard to believe it was nearly 60 years ago. The Rolling Stones, “The Andy Griffith Show,” Vietnam, President John F. Kennedy, The Civil Rights Act, the moon landing, Woodstock; it all seems so long ago. But back in “The Sixties,” there were already researchers at the Philco-Ford corporation that were making predictions about what life would be like at the turn of the century.

You won’t believe how eerily accurate they were about some things, and how hilariously wrong they were about others.

1960s researchers predict 1999 internet technology

Researchers predicted many things pretty accurately. Among these are online shopping from computer counsels, and streamed video surveillance to your home and work computer. They also predicted email to an extent, though the video depicts a man scribbling words down on a pad via an electronic pen. Qwerty typewriters had been around since 1873, so you would think they would have seen the electronic keyboard on the horizon.

Don’t judge them too harshly since they did predict the ability to print out home finances with the push of a button. They missed the mark a bit though, thinking that the finances sheet would be only one page long!

Where they were completely wrong

There were some areas where this video completely missed the mark, gender roles is a major one. You almost have to laugh at the overt sexism in this 1960s video. It lends to some great material if the “Mad Men” series ever comes back.

The video highlights some of the antiquated gender role stereotypes that we wouldn’t see today.

“What the wife selects on her counsel, will be paid for by the husband on his counterpart counsel.”

We have come a long way since “The Sixties” both technologically and socially. It is fitting that now we are looking back to that time, a decade enveloped in a flood of social and political change, and reflecting on how far we have come. Let’s check back in 2060 to see how far we’ve grown.

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