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You can now avoid speeding tickets with Google Maps

GPS is such a ubiquitous modern-day convenience (or is it crutch?) that it’s now so hard to imagine life without it. Try going on a road trip with an old-school paper map and you’ll start appreciating this modern-day miracle even more.

Pair the usefulness of a GPS with the popularity of the smartphone and what you get is the ultimate navigation tool. Sometimes I just can’t believe how far this pocket-sized technology has come!

And the great thing is that it still keeps improving every day. And soon, one of the most popular navigation apps will be getting an upgrade that will even help you skip that speeding ticket.

Google Maps Speed Limits

Google is now rolling out its speed limit and speed trap helpers to its navigation app, Google Maps, according to the Android Police.

The new feature will display the posted speed limit of a road on the bottom-left corner of the app.

Not only that, but drivers will be also notified about the location of speed cameras via a small camera icon shown on a visible area of the map and audio warnings.

Image Credit: Android Police

It’s about time

While these Google Maps features are nothing new since they were actually introduced in 2016, they’ve only been previously available to drivers in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But based on confirmed reports, the features are now rolling out and will be available to all Google Maps users on both iOS and Android soon.

If you can recall, Google added the ability to report speed traps on its Google Maps a few months ago. Based on its new speed-limit tools, it looks like the company was preparing for this rollout.

Interestingly, the other popular crowd-sourced navigation app Waze has always provided this type of detailed road information for years now.

No wonder that Google bought Waze in 2013 for a cool $1 billion. What’s surprising though is how it took it them this long to add these Waze-like features to Google Maps.

Get Google Maps now

It looks like these new speed limit features in Google Maps are all activated on the server side, so app updates aren’t required. (They’ll just magically appear if they’re finally rolled out to you.)

However, it doesn’t hurt to always have the latest version of your Google Maps app. To download the latest version of Google Maps, get it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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