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Yes! Groceries delivered and put away in the fridge when you’re not home

Online shopping has made life super convenient. The days of driving to the mall, endlessly looking for parking and then battling massive crowds are over. Nowadays, we can order pretty much anything our hearts desire online.

Clothing, flowers, birthday gifts, and even a new car are just a few examples of items we can purchase online. Recently, groceries have been added to the list of things you can buy over the internet. You’re not going to believe the next level of grocery shopping convenience, but you might think it’s a little creepy.

How grocery shopping is about to change forever

We’re talking about a new service offered by Walmart. The retail giant will now stock your refrigerator with groceries for you, even when you are not at home. Walmart is teaming with smart lock company, August Home, to provide the service.

How it works is, an employee assigned with delivering items you purchased through is given a temporary door code to your home. If you’re not there, the employee will utilize the code to enter your home and put your items, including groceries, away for you. The code is authorized by the homeowner and is only able to be used one time, then it expires.

When the delivery person rings your doorbell, you receive a notification on your smartphone that the delivery is happening now. Security cameras set up in your house let you watch the entire delivery while it occurs through the August Home app. Once the delivery is complete, the homeowner receives notification that the door has been automatically locked.

Walmart VP Sloan Eddleston said, “Think about that – someone else does the shopping for you AND puts it all away. Clearly, this adds more convenience to the day-to-day, but it makes [the] unexpected easier, too. Imagine planning a last-minute get together and having everything you need to entertain already waiting for you inside your fridge.”

The service is currently still in a testing phase and available in select areas of Silicon Valley. If it’s a success, we expect it to go nationwide soon.

This seems to be another move in the battle for retail dominance between Walmart and Amazon. Earlier this year, Amazon made a bold move into the world of groceries by purchasing the popular supermarket chain Whole Foods. Now, Walmart is responding with adding the stocking your fridge service.

What do you think, would you feel comfortable letting a delivery person stock your fridge while you’re not home? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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