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Wow! Officers used coin flip app to decide whether or not to make arrest

No one likes getting pulled over, though most of the time when it happens we understand the reason why. That doesn’t make the experience any better, of course, but at least it allows it to make some kind of sense.

Especially in the case of speeding, there’s always that chance that even if we got pulled over we will not get a ticket. Officers sometimes give warnings, allowing us to leave with a good scare but not much more more.

We never know which way it’s going to go, but a Georgia woman felt like she had a pretty good idea. Why that was and what happened, however, it’s about as ridiculous as it gets.

It came down to a “coin flip”

Think you’ve read it all? Well, buckle up because this is a new one.

It started when Sarah Webb was pulled over by police, stopped for speeding past a police cruiser. One of the officers, Courtney Brown, added a charge of reckless driving because the pavement was wet, but then when back in her cruiser asked a fellow officer, Kristee Wilson, what she should do from there.

As seen on the body camera footage, Brown said she didn’t have speed detection to know how fast Webb was actually going, but noted she had to reach speeds upwards of 90 mph to catch up in order to make the traffic stop.

Wilson pointed out the options in front of them, and then Brown opened up a coin flip app on her phone. Wilson suggested that heads meant arrest and tails release.

The app landed on tails, but an arrest was made anyway.

To say that wasn’t right would be an understatement

Ignoring the fact that the officer made the arrest even though the virtual coin landed in Webb’s favor, the idea that a woman’s freedom was hinging on a coin toss is not right.

Webb was put in the back of the police cruiser, visibly crying and clearly upset over what was going on. You can imagine that when she found out about the coin toss from 11Alive investigators, anger followed.

The officers involved have since been put on leave, but that only happened after the bodycam footage appeared in court. The arrest happened in April, and this all came out in July.

As for Webb, the prosecutor in the case dropped all the charges after seeing the video. App background

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