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Wi-Fi can now be used to photograph inside your home

Innovations in technology can be a great thing. Look at all the advancements over the years. Smartphones, virtual assistants and smart appliances are just a few items that have improved our lives.

Now, scientists are coming up with new ways to make the use of home Wi-Fi more exciting.

How we’ll use Wi-Fi in the near future

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have found a way to use the radiation coming from a Wi-Fi transmitter to create 3D images of the surrounding environment. The process basically allows the user to create holograms of everything that’s in a room they scan with two antennas. It’s similar to looking through a window of a home and seeing three-dimensional holograms of its contents.

Watch the following video to see how the technology works:

The researchers who discovered this technique provided this list of ideas in which to use it:

  • Analyzing how Wi-Fi scatters to find optimal router positions
  • Centimeter accurate indoor tracking
  • Creating 3D scans of buildings and structures
  • Locating people buried by avalanches or earthquakes

Those are some potentially positive outcomes of this technique. Who wouldn’t love a simple way to find optimal router positions?

However, there could be some negative outcomes as well. For example, a criminal could do a scan outside of your home to find out if anyone is inside. It would also let them pinpoint where items of value are located so they know exactly where to go if they decide to break in and steal things.

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