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Whoa! Samsung washing machines are blowing up!

Our appliances are designed for very specific reasons, most of which are quite clear long before we actually purchase them. One thing they are not supposed to do, however, is explode.

Someone should have told Samsung. Remember how there was an exploding issue with some of their phones? It led to many recalls.

Turns out as a Texas family recently learned, the problem has not yet been solved. This time it was not a phone that exploded, but a washing machine.

But did the laundry get clean?

OK, whether or not the clothes actually got washed is probably the least of anyone’s concerns. Fortunately, no one was hurt but sadly, the washer didn’t make it.

It all happened on Saturday when Faisal Nuree’s wife put a mattress pad into the top-loading machine that was purchased new in 2015. Both were in other rooms when they heard an explosion, though they were not sure where it came from.

After frantically searching through their home, they entered the laundry room and saw what had happened. Having blown up, the washer was pushed away from the wall and was missing its top.

This was a bigger story back in 2016 when Samsung recalled roughly 2.8 million washing machines due to this exact possibility. Nuree, who said the family has moved since buying the washer, explained that he never received a recall notice.

Samsung recalled 34 different models, offering to repair or replace them. Nuree’s washer was on the list, but he was unaware of both the recall and possibility that the washer could explode.

Is my washer on the list?

Samsung did not make a secret of the fact that its washers could be trouble, though there has not been much talk about it lately. If you have one of their washers but know it has not been repaired or replaced, it would be a good idea to see if it needs to be.

To see if yours is on the list, you can call Samsung at 866-264-5636 or visit You can also check out the recall page that can be found here.

If yours is eligible, you will want to take care of it as soon as possible.

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