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Which streaming service is better for movies — Netflix or Amazon Prime?

If you haven’t cut the cable cord yet, you really should look into it. Millions of Americans have already made the move and are saving tons of money.

The key to being a successful cord cutter is limiting the number of services that you sign up for. If you subscribe to too many, those bills could add up to nearly the same amount that you’ve been paying for cable or satellite.

But how do you know which streaming services are best for you? Let’s look at a few of the top streaming services and the content that they offer to help you choose.

Which streaming service offers the most movies?

If movies are your thing, you might want to know which streaming service has the most in its content library before choosing. That’s why the site Streaming Observer recently compared some of the top streaming services and the movies each one offers.

As of Jan. 20, between Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now, there are a total of 24,451 available movies. Can you guess which one has the most in its content library?

Amazon Prime offers the most movies, and it’s not even close. There are 17,461 movies available to stream if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Netflix comes in at a distant second.

Here is how the numbers break down:

  1. Amazon Prime – 17,461
  2. Netflix – 3,839
  3. Hulu – 2,336
  4. HBO Now – 815

That’s a little surprising, isn’t it? Many people think of HBO as the place to watch movies, but it came in last compared to the other three streaming services.

And since Netflix began as a DVD rental service by mail, you might expect it to be dominant in the movie market. But Netflix seems to have switched its focus lately from big-screen movies to making original content. Series like “House of Cards,” “Stranger Things,” “Black Mirror” and “The Crown” have really taken off.

But, honestly, what are the chances that you’d ever be able to make it through over 17,000 movies? Probably slim and none.

Plus, there has to be a bunch of clunkers in a movie library of that size. Sometimes quality is more important than quantity.

So where can you find the higher-quality flicks?

To decipher which of the four streaming services mentioned above offer higher-quality movies, Streaming Observer analyzed all of the films’ ratings from review site Rotten Tomatoes and its current list of Certified Fresh movies. It also factored in data it received from streaming service providers, and third-party sites JustWatch and ReelGood.

The results might surprise you. Even though Amazon Prime has over four times the number of movies than Netflix, Netflix actually has more high-quality flicks.

Netflix has 596 movies on the Certified Fresh list. Amazon Prime only has 232.

Here are the number of movies each streaming service offers that are on the Certified Fresh list:

  1. Netflix – 596
  2. Amazon Prime – 232
  3. Hulu – 223
  4. HBO Now – 38

If you add up the total number of movies from the Certified Fresh list, you’ll notice that Netflix has more of them than the other three streaming services have combined. And that’s a big deal if you aren’t interested in watching a bunch of movies that were flops.

Note: Keep in mind, Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the be-all-end-all when it comes to determining quality. You might actually like some of the movies that that don’t score well there.

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