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Weekend Amazon deals for Halloween

Halloween is a popular holiday, with the costumes, decorations and, of course, copious amounts of candy. Though it is geared more toward the younger children, it is a holiday that is enjoyed by young and old alike.

How far people go is really up to the individual. Some costumes are intricate while others are thrown together haphazardly, and not everyone feels like going all-out and hosting a party.

For people who don’t really get into the Halloween spirit (get it, spirit…ha!), there probably is not much to do in order to prepare. But if you like to do it right, or are at least interested in doing a little more than usual, there are plenty of things that will help out your cause.

Trying to figure out what to get can be difficult, as the options are seemingly limitless. We don’t want you to be spooked (oh yeah, another Halloween reference) by the prospect of shopping, which is why we’ve put together this list with some of the best Halloween items you can find on Amazon.

Make your dining table a bit creepier

Everyone’s got to eat, right? Well, a simple thing to do would be to make your dining a bit creepier, and a great way to accomplish that is with a spiderweb lace table runner.

Perfect for Halloween, this polyester table runner is perfect for the occasion. It can be found in various sizes, and is machine washable and can also be ironed, if needed.

Let bats help with the spooky

Do you want to freak out anyone who comes by? Short of tracking down some real bats (which we don’t recommend), fake ones would do a nice job of providing the atmosphere you seek.

These Prextex nylon hanging bats will do the trick, adding a finishing touch to any Halloween setup. Coming in a pack of three, the bats have a 16-inch wing span and feature a realistic look.

The bats are not difficult to set up, either, as they are lightweight with a clear string attached for easy hanging.

When a light can be dark

Most trick-or-treating happens at night, which means it is important to have some light to lead the way. But you can’t have just any old light — not for Halloween.

So in the interest of scary, the Dragon Crest Sinister Skull with Lantern is a great choice. Made of polyresin and powered by two AA batteries, it measures 11″ x 6.5″ x 13″ and is sure to not only fit into, but add to any scary scene you are trying to create.

Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

We’re sorry about highlighting this one. Really, we are. But this is for Halloween decorations, and few things say scary and “eeeewwww” quite like a giant, hairy spider.

If that interests you, the Prextex tarantula with LED eyes is the decoration you are looking for. It is more than 40 inches in diameter with eyes that light up via a switch.

The giant spider requires three 1.5V batteries (not included) and will certainly creep out anyone who unfortunately comes across it.

What good is a spider without a web?

Maybe you don’t want a giant spider in your home. If so, we don’t blame you. But still, what Halloween setting would be complete without at least the fear of spiders, and maybe some smaller ones to help set the scene?

Enter this 3-pack of jumbo cobwebs, along with their assortment of 30 black, colorful and glow in the dark spiders. Made in the USA, they will give whatever room they are placed in a perfect Halloween feel. App background

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