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Wearable technology: Fair-weather fans will love NBA smart jerseys

Most tech fans are glued to the news when major brands like Apple host their reveal events. In fact, there’s one this week from Samsung that should be full of exciting news.

But did you know that even the NBA has a Technology Summit? It’s true. The 20th annual NBA All-Star Technology Summit was held over the weekend.

The highlight of the summit will knock your socks off. We got a sneak peak at the NBA smart jersey of the future, and it’s truly amazing.

What are NBA smart jerseys?

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver opened this year’s All-Star Technology Summit by showing off what he’s calling the “smart jersey of the future.” If you’ve ever purchased a jersey of your favorite player only to have them move on to another team later, you’ll love this.

Silver demonstrated how easy it is to change the number and even name that’s on the jersey. The smart jersey connects to an app that lets you make changes, whenever you want. Check it out in the video below.

In this demonstration, Silver changed the jersey that was on display from a Kemba Walker model to a Stephen Curry model. Then, Ahmad Rashad hit the stage wearing a Michael Jordan jersey, so Silver changed the one on display to match it. It’s pretty cool.

As a huge sports fan, you know that players come and go all the time. But in most cases you continue to be a fan of your favorite team, even when there’s a completely revamped roster.

That’s why this groundbreaking technology is perfect for diehard sports fans. As the names and numbers of your favorite team change, you can change your jersey along with them without having to shell out big bucks for a new one.

Silver didn’t say when these would become reality. The summit gives us a glimpse into the future of what the NBA fan experience might look like over the next couple decades. Other technology touched upon at the summit was fans entering games by facial recognition, more personalized experiences at games for fans, and even hologram mascots.

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