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Watch shows and movies for free, with no catch, cord cutters rejoice

These days it seems as though there are so many streaming options to choose from. Depending on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay, there is little reason not to at least look into the idea of cutting the cord.

From Netflix and Hulu to Amazon Video and SlingTV — along with the various OnDemand options most big-time channels offer — there is really not much you’ll miss out on by dumping traditional cable providers.

When it comes to streaming, the aforementioned services are just a handful of the most notable and popular, and certainly have their merits. But there is another one that is likely less familiar to you that is worth looking into because of its minimal cost.

In fact, it’s actually free

The app is called “Tubi TV,” and it has actually been around since 2014. An on-demand provider, it lets you watch movies and TV shows without any cost.

How does it do that?

It will force you to watch some commercials, which is not really a foreign experience when it comes to television. But if you are fine with that, Tubi TV offers the chance to check out some popular shows and films without ever having to pay for a subscription.

Similar to Netflix, the selections are constantly updated, with Tubi TV mixing things up on a weekly basis. New content is added every Friday, and you are welcome to suggest titles that you would like to see in the lineup.

And speaking of Netflix, Tubi TV has a section for programming that is not available on the popular streaming site, providing a way to differentiate itself. There are also sections for things like reality TV, home & garden, cult favorites and classics.

Should I get it?

If nothing else, Tubi TV is a way to get a little more entertainment in our lives at zero cost. Even if you are signed up for other streaming providers it probably would not hurt to have this one, especially since there is no money involved.

It will work on all sorts of devices, like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast and others, and can sync between devices so that you can watch in multiple places without losing your progress.

It’s possible you will find a new show to enjoy or maybe one you haven’t seen in what seems like forever but cannot find anywhere else.

How do I get it?

Along with streaming devices like those mentioned above, Tubi TV is also available for iOS and Android. So, if you’d like to add it to your phone or tablet you can do that, too. Just click here for Apple or here for Android.

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