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Watch Netflix offline with Windows 10

Remember late last year, Netflix finally allowed one feature that its millions of video streaming subscribers have been asking for – downloads for offline playback.

This more-than-welcome option was enabled in the streaming giant’s iOS and Android mobile apps and it has proven its worth – it’s great for travelers, people preparing for long commutes and babysitting parents who can’t put their trust on unreliable mobile connections for their on-the-go Netflix needs.

Add another popular operating system to this list. As reported by Windows Central, Netflix has started rolling out offline viewing in its Windows 10 app.

Now, with the “Download and Go” feature, Windows 10 Netflix subscribers can download and save TV shows and movies straight to their computer or tablet’s local storage and watch them even in the absence of a data connection.

Due to licensing issues, the list of supported content for offline viewing is limited to Netflix original shows and a selection of movies but expect this list to grow as the company works it out with publishers. That’s still plenty of great content. You can queue up episodes of popular shows like “Iron Fist,” “Black Mirror,” or “Love” for offline playback while on Wi-Fi and away you binge even without a data connection.

To use this feature, look for the new download button for supported content, click it and it will start downloading to your Windows 10 machine’s local storage. Once it finishes, you can view all your downloaded content by clicking the hamburger menu on the top-left corner of the app then select “My Downloads.”

On the same menu, you can also view a list of all the content that supports offline viewing by clicking “Available for Download.”

Note that “Download and Go” only works on the Windows 10 Netflix app and it is not supported on the web browser version of Netflix.

Ready for Netflix offline viewing on Windows 10? Click here to get the free official app in the Windows Store.

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