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Warren Buffett's take on ChatGPT
USA International Trade Administration, Public Domain

The first thing Warren Buffett asked ChatGPT

Feeling a little confused about ChatGPT? You’re not alone. Warren Buffett, the genius investor worth billions, was too … Until Bill Gates showed him the ropes. Nothing like having a billionaire on speed dial!

The first thing Buffett asked?

Translate ol’ Blue Eyes … 

“I actually said take the song ‘My Way’ and write it in Spanish,” he said on CNBC. “Two seconds later, you know, it comes out […] and does all these wonderful things.” 

AI is still working on its standup

Here’s something Warren and I totally agree on: “It just doesn’t know how to tell jokes” (My puns are way better). But, Warren says, it’s read every book and every legal opinion. “The amount of time it could save you … is unbelievable.”

Seriously. Here’s what you might not want to put into ChatGPT, in case you missed it.

Fun fact: I sat next to Warren when I was voted by Fortune Magazine “One of the Most Influential Women in America.” He and I got to chatting. I asked him for stock advice, he laughed.

I told him it must be great to be the only guy in a room with thousands of women. I’ll never forget what he said next. “Kim, the only way I could get in a woman’s panties was buying the company Hanes underwear.”

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