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Video game microphone captures murder from 600 miles away

The internet is a great place for interacting with friends and family who are miles away. Playing video games with friends, or Skype calling a family member can make it seem like they are in the same room with you.

This feeling of proximity became all too real for one group of gamers. Despite being 600 miles apart, these gamers became witnesses to the tragic fate of one of their friends.

The confusion that followed may give you goosebumps.

A 23-year-old in Texas named Ashley Martinez heard two loud popping sounds through his headphones that hurt his ears. When he asked his gaming buddy what the sounds were he got no reply…in fact, the gamer on the other end of the voice communication, Cody Ha, would not respond to anything.

Wondering if their pal was simply AFK (Away From Keyboard) they attempted to call his phone, and only heard the unanswering rings echoing through his silent microphone. It wasn’t until hours later when Ha’s sister came home did the gamer friends realize that something was horribly wrong.

Martinez could do nothing as he heard the sounds of his friend’s sister panicking and screaming on the other end of Ha’s microphone. Ha, and his 63-year-old mother, had been shot dead with his friends listening live on the other end of the video game.

It is shocking and disturbing to think that such a tragic act could occur with a group of gamers listening helplessly on the other end of the microphone. They wouldn’t even discover the true fate of their friend, still standing alongside the group in the video game, until hours later.

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