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Unicorn brainteaser
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Can you find the horse among these unicorns?

According to myths and legends, unicorns are rare creatures that few people will be lucky enough to spot. Well, it must be your lucky day since unicorns are everywhere in this optical illusion. That’s why we’re challenging you to find the hidden horse in this viral brainteaser.

That’s right: An ordinary horse is hiding among these famous symbols of medieval magic. If you’re a fan of history, you may want to check out three old-timey optical illusions we put together. One is ancient, while the others reflect famous historical figures. Tap or click here for three unsolved mysteries.

Legends of unicorns may date back to the Bronze Age. Over time, they’ve developed many meanings for different cultures. Keep reading to see if you can beat this optical illusion.

You know what they say: You learn something new every day

Look below, and you’ll see a crowd of vivid unicorns. Minty green manes, golden locks and red fur flow from their necks.

Don’t be distracted by their beauty, though. Keep your eyes peeled for the one animal that isn’t as majestic as its friends. Try to spot the horse hiding among the unicorns.

If you can find the hidden horse in this viral optical illusion brainteaser in just 10 seconds, you're in the top 1% of people.

We bet you spotted it in less than a minute. If you love to browse for free brain games for adults, your mind is probably as sharp as a unicorn’s horn.

But if you need a little help, don’t worry! Check out the image below. We circled the answer for you.

If you can find the hidden horse in less than 30 seconds, your mind is sharper than a unicorn's horn. Can you beat this free brain game?

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