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Ukulele robot plays ‘The Godfather’ theme

The internet has spawned tons of creativity and new exciting designs. There are millions of websites that you can spend days upon days checking out to learn new things.

Many have joined the technology boom to make their own ideas a reality. We’ve come a long way since the pet rock.

In fact, a group of students recently invented a new type of robot that is amazing! You’re going to just love what it can do.

Check out this clever invention

Well, here’s an offer that you can’t refuse. Some genius students have created a robot that actually plays the ukulele. It’s called the Ukurobot.

It’s controlled with software via Bluetooth and the user can use it to strum separate notes and chords. The robot’s inventors programmed it to play the theme to the classic movie “The Godfather.”

Watch the following video to see it in action:

Isn’t that just the coolest thing ever?!

It plays similar to a traditional instrument. Just with a little help from your gadget.

It started as a group of students’ semester project at a university in Poland. They have been tweaking its design since then, making it into the cool little instrument it is today.

One of the students told Digital Trends, “I would say our plans for the future are quite ambitious. We are planning to gradually rebuild the entire robot, give it a smoother design, better motors that won’t generate so much noise, and to further improve our software. We are also planning to add some new functionalities, but those will remain top secret until they are finished.”

Hopefully it makes its way onto the market for sale down the road. It would make for a wonderful conversation piece, that’s for sure. App background

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