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Uber working on self-driving bikes and scooters

Have you ever used one of those bike-share services? They’ve been popping up in big cities for a few years now, and you can rent them by the hour at pretty reasonable prices.

It’s an easy way to get around town if you don’t have a car. Bike-shares have become so popular that the same concept is starting to work with scooters.

Now, Uber wants to get in on the action but with a major twist. Yep, self-driving bikes and scooters.

Are you up for a self-driving scooter ride?

Uber has been working on autonomous vehicles for years and has had some problems. You might remember the incident in Arizona last year when a self-driving Uber crashed into and killed a pedestrian.

That didn’t stop the company from continuing its work on self-driving technology. Instead, it has decided to expand the technology to other types of vehicles – mainly bicycles and scooters.

Last year, Uber acquired a bike-share company that rents out electric bicycles called Jump. Apparently, that helped lead to the idea of autonomous bicycles.

3D Robotics’ CEO, Chris Anderson, spilled the beans about Uber’s plans on Twitter over the weekend.

According to Anderson, these autonomous bikes and scooters will be able to drive themselves to charging stations when needed. Also, it sounds like they will be able to come to you when you want to rent one instead of having to make your way to a docking station or randomly find one lying in the grass somewhere.

Uber is also looking for people to work on the project. Uber’s ATC posted a message on Google looking for people interested in career opportunities.

It said, “The New Mobilities team at Uber is exploring ways to improve safety, rider experience, and operational efficiency of our shared electric scooters and bicycles through the application of sensing and robotics technologies.”

Bonus: What is the future of car technology?

As much as we’d like to believe flying cars will be a thing really soon, they won’t. It’s going to take years before that technology is perfected. Just look at how self-driving cars are moving along.

But our cars ARE changing. In the next five years, we can expect them to be connected like never before. What will your new car know about you?

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