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Two years until Uber takes flight? Not so fast.

Technology constantly advances in warp speed. If you aren’t paying attention, new tech will come and go without realizing you’ve missed out.

Then, one day you’ll find yourself calling the grand kids to learn how to set the VCR, or whatever the latest gadget is that you didn’t take the time to learn about.

Your car is one thing that’s been seriously upgraded by technology over the years. Apple and Android CarPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, video cameras to help you park to name a few items. Now, Uber says it’s close to perfecting cars that fly. Seriously?

Don’t believe the hype

You’ve probably heard a bunch of tech stories predicting the imminent arrival of high-tech flying cars. But should you believe the hype?

Uber claims that its flying taxies will arrive in major cities for testing by 2020. That’s less than two years away! Which is why Uber’s prediction is very far-fetched.

This technology just took another hit and it will probably delay it even further from becoming a reality. Uber’s chief product officer and head of its Elevate flying car division, Jeff Holden, just left the company. That can’t be good.

The idea of flying cars is nothing new, in fact it goes back nearly 75 years. Just after World War II, a few prototypes actually flew. Obviously, all were financially unsuccessful.

With Boeing, Airbus, Uber and a few Silicon Valley startups all working to make flying vehicles and taxis a reality, one day someone will make it happen. But not anytime soon.

Remember, these things are not cars. They are complex aircraft. Uber hasn’t even perfected its driver-less cars, how could it possibly be ready to move to the sky?

It takes a decade or more to perfect radical new aircraft designs – especially those made for carrying public passengers. Not to mention the fact that they will not have a pilot on board.

As of today, no aircraft manufacturer is ready to market pilotless passenger aircraft. That’s just a fact. You might see some prototypes, but no passengers will be able to ride for years to come.

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