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Top secret technology that would stop a North Korea nuke

North Korea is predictable in one way; it’s simply not predictable. For decades, countries around the world have stood on their toes, waiting for what little information can be collected on the recluse government.

Over the years, they have called our sanctions or any actions really “declarations of war.”  And even with sanctions in place, North Korea continued its plan to build and test nuclear missiles.

Now with a missile that can reach mainland U.S.A. and alleged capabilities to mount a nuke on it, things got real, real fast.  This is the stuff that keeps world leaders awake at night.

What happens if North Korea launches a nuke?

If North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were to hit his version of the “little red button,” how could the U.S. protect millions of people spanning from South Korea, Japan, and the United States?  Many people believe the U.S. military can shoot anything out of the sky and all is well.

This past year the military did, in fact, test and successfully intercept a long-range missile. But there is a new kind of defense that’s on the table.

Experimental Microwave Missiles

The White House has reportedly been talking about using a new type of weapon that can stop North Korea’s nukes from taking off. They are called CHAMP weapons, or Counter-electronics High-power Advanced Microwave Project. We’ll stick with CHAMP.

These new weapons are said to destroy the electronics of other weapons, including guidance and control mechanisms rendering them useless.

Will CHAMP weapons really work?

The U.S. has tested these types of weapons in the past with great success. In 2012, Boeing tested one in Utah that would possibly mimic technologies that Iran would have. It wiped out everything, including the camera that was used to monitor the test.

According to a military document shown to NBC, the CHAMP weapons can be mounted on a missile that flies in and takes out an enemy’s electronic systems.

We all know what happens when someone puts metal in a microwave. This is similar, just aimed at destroying electronic systems, without turning a building into rubble or killing soldiers.

If North Korea launches a nuke, how will you know?

It’s hard to imagine, but it is possible for the rogue nation to launch a missile at the U.S.

Click here to learn the steps you can take to make sure you get the warning.

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