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Tomorrow’s Tech Today: How to get a hole-in-one every single time

Technology moves so fast these days that there’s no telling what’s in store for the future. Whether it’s smart gadgets, crazy robots or new ways to travel, it’s sometimes necessary to slow down in order to absorb all that’s changed in the digital world around us.

Not that any of this is a bad thing, necessarily. New tech means new ways to make your life easier. And if not easier, some new technology on the market will certainly make your life more…interesting, to say the least.

In “Tomorrow’s Tech Today,” Kim shows you upcoming and future technology you won’t want to miss. We’ll be taking a look at the future of TV advertising, enhanced sports equipment and a very unique way to get closer to our kids with the help of friendly robotics. Let’s take a look.

A glimpse into future technology

In today’s segment, Kim takes a peek at some of the most advanced gadgets and gizmos that are just around the corner from changing the world. While some of these products are currently speculative or in development, some may see public releases in the near future. Watch the video to get Kim’s take on the latest from the world of technology.

If you’re dying to know more, here’s our breakdown of some of the most interesting technology that caught Kim’s eye.

The logical conclusion of “targeted advertising”

It’s already weird enough when our phones produce ads and content that seems suspiciously close to things we were just talking about or looking up, but how about visual ads that appear on the TV we watch?

Developer Ryff has created a new type of augmented video technology that can automatically replace product placements in the streaming videos you watch with curated items based on your browsing history.

This means if you side with Coke in the Coke vs. Pepsi debate, be prepared to never see a contoured bottle in your TV shows again. It’s spooky to see in action.

Never miss in golf again.

Is it really cheating if technology is part of the game? Famed car designers at Nissan have developed a first-of-its-kind robotic golf ball that can easily correct missed shots and score a hole-in-one with a minimal amount of effort.

Watching it in action, it almost looks as if the ball itself is alive. But the whole operation is a complicated series of motors and gyroscopes. It looks like you might need more than just a new driver at this point.

The last guitar you’ll ever need

It’s always inspiring to see how traditional instruments advance in the face of new technology. Now, a new Kickstarter project is hoping to bring the electric guitar into the 21st century with a new kind of modular platform that lets you trade out styles of guitar playing the same way you’d switch a memory card.

The center of this guitar comes out and is swappable between multiple modes and sounds. You can switch from “Country Acoustic” to “Heavy Metal” without even switching guitars!

Robots make long-distance seem closer

There are many families out there with parents who work long distance, and for years, the best-case scenario to visit with the kids was to make a video call on Skype or FaceTime. These developers, however, imagined a more emotionally impact option for families that even lets long-distance parents hug their kids over Wi-Fi.

Enter Cushybots — soft textured robots that can physically interact with families over the internet. Best of all, the bots have no face of their own, and yours appears right on the screen for your kids to see. What a cool, futuristic way to bring the whole family together, even if someone is thousands of miles away.

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