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Time-saving Google Maps feature you have to try

It’s funny how I always seem to forget where I parked my car when the temperature starts to reach the 100s. On the other hand, if it snows then all the cars begin to look the same because they’re covered in a layer of flurries.

When I get tired of wandering around the lot with a confused look on my face, I resort to continuously locking my car doors so that I can follow the sound of the beep. Thankfully, a Google Maps update has been released, creating a new feature for forgetful people like me.

The search engine known for helping you find what you’re looking for can now help you find your car too. An update to Google Maps allows you to easily pinpoint where you left your car. Plus, if you’ve ever had to race the meter maid back to your car to avoid a ticket, then you’ll love the timer part of the feature.

This feature isn’t available to the masses yet; it’s in beta mode, meaning that it’s being tried and tested by a small group of people. But if you don’t want to wait for the wide release then you can download Google Maps v9.49 beta from the Google Play store right now.

After you download the update, open the Google Maps app and tap the blue dot that’s marking your current location. A menu of options will pop up, including “Save your parking.” When you select that option, you will see a menu of more options that will help you remember where you parked.

You can type in the section and floor you parked in and take photos of landmarks to help you find your way back. When you set a timer, you’ll receive notifications letting you know that the time on your meter is about to expire. You can also share your parking location with others if everyone is supposed to meet at your car to go to the next location.

Another cool parking feature available in Google Maps will tell you how easy it is to find parking in a particular area. It uses past parking data to calculate if parking in a specific area is “Easy,” “Medium” or “Limited.” This feature is already available in 25 metro areas all over the country.

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