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Three big announcements from Microsoft that every user needs to know

This week, another big consumer tech conference is underway and as always, it will be a treat to fans looking forward to the future of electronic entertainment.

I am talking about 2017’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Conference, which is being held on June 13 – 15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. E3 is primarily a venue for video game developers, publishers and hardware makers to showcase their latest and greatest plus their roadmaps.

Ahead of E3 2017’s opening day, Microsoft held its customary press event yesterday and it gave us a glimpse of all its big unveilings slated for this year’s expo.

Here are the three biggest E3 announcements from Microsoft we know about so far:

1. High-powered Xbox One X

Microsoft unveiled a souped-up version of its Xbox One console, the Xbox One X. Formerly codenamed “Project Scorpio,” the Xbox One X will be more powerful than the current Xbox One and Xbox One S models, as it sports a 6 teraflop graphics processor and an upgraded 8-core processing chip.

This upgraded version of the Xbox One console family is said to be able to easily run games with more detail at a native 4K resolution and can even make graphics look better on 1080p TV sets with what Microsoft touts as “super sampling.” It will be compatible with all Xbox One games and accessories and will support all current features including backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games.

The Xbox One X is slated for a November 2017 release with a likewise souped-up $499 price tag.

2. Xbox backward compatibility

Another big announcement from Microsoft, which likely garnered kudos points from gaming fans is the expansion of the Xbox One’s backward compatibility to include original Xbox games.

How will this work? Well, it looks like old original Xbox discs can be loaded to the Xbox One, which will then provide authorization for an emulated digital copy of the game. This is similar to how Xbox 360 disk backward compatibility now works on the Xbox one. Additionally, if you already have digital licenses for the games this will carry over too.

How about multiplayer? It looks like system link play will be supported and can be accessed across all three generations of the Xbox. This means users can host local LAN parties by connecting any version of the console with each other.

3. Xbox One S price cut

Ahead of the E3 festivities and the launch of the Xbox One X,  Microsoft cut the price of the Xbox One S consoles and bundles by $50. The price cut started on June 11 and is expected to last for one week only.

This drops down the price of the Xbox One S to $249 for the 500GB bundle and $299 for the 1TB bundle. If you’re in the market for an Xbox One S console, now is the time to grab yours before the price reverts back.

What do you think? Are these Xbox One announcements enough to excite you? Drop us a comment!

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