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The X-rated codes behind these popular emojis will shock you

If you’re like most people, you love using emojis to convey thoughts and feelings. A recent Google update even lets you design your own emoji creations with its custom keyboard. Tap or click to find out how.

But there are a few emojis or combinations of emojis you may want to steer clear of to avoid some awkward situations.

The emojis in our phones and social media apps probably weren’t created to communicate sexual messages. But over time, many of them have become double entendres. Look at this list to avoid blunders in your digital conversations.  *Warning*: The list you’re about to see contains graphic language.

Really, that’s what the eggplant emoji means?

(Note: If you are reading this article using the App, tap or click here to see the list.)

Wow! I bet you never thought some of those pictures could have such X-rated meanings!

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A lot of these double meanings are popular among teens and young adults. So if you happen to see any of these emojis in your children or grandchildren’s texts then it may be time to have that uncomfortable but necessary talk.

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