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The new tool to hypnotize you into forgetting the plot of your favorite shows

Think back to one of your favorite TV series. How old were you when you watched it? What were the characters’ names? Some of these details may fade with time but using the right techniques you can recall those memories as clear as day, or forget them completely.

Ever wish you could watch one of your favorite shows for the first time again. Maybe you are at a different place in life, maybe you have had life experiences that will bring more meaning to the show. Or maybe, you just want to forget an awesome plot twist, so you can experience it again.

Samsung has a new method of making you forget your favorite shows so you can watch them again as if it were your very first time.

Samsung’s newest advertising play for the $20,000 QLED TV is certainly an interesting one. Using advanced hypnotic techniques they have created a means by which users can hypnotize themselves into forgetting the plot of their favorite TV shows.

Samsung’s new “Unspoil me” tool will walk users through a 25-minute hypnotherapy session that is designed to cover up memories of your favorite TV shows.

“That is why we created Unspoil Me; a tool that gives you the possibility to forget your favourite [sic] TV series, so you can re-experience it with the same thrilling feeling you had the first time you watched it,” Joe Stinziano, the executive VP of Electronics in America, stated when he first showed off the idea at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Is this new hypnotherapy for real or is it just another poor marketing ploy? Decide for yourself by trying out the program for free here.

Samsung recommends a quiet room where you can be undisturbed and completely left to your thoughts for at least 30 minutes.

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